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A Modern Business Can't Afford Surprises

Take the safety net with Kalyani&Co's Statutory & Compliance services. We're a leading compliance service provider with 5+ years of experience. Our consultants come with subject matter experiences and help you stay compliant with various Indian state,central labor and applicable corporate laws.

Why Choose Kalyani&Co As Your Compliance Partner?

We manage more than 100 labour compliance records every month and have served 100+ clients across 100+ locations in India.. So your business is in safe hands if you partner with Kalyani&Co.

We have a team of 10+ qualified Compliance and Legal Professionals to ensure adherence to all the best practices for all the applicable procedures and rules.

Scope of Services

To ensure timely and efficient statutory compliance in business, the following aspects must be in place:

Company Establishment

Kalyani&Co provides complete support and executes the complex process of setting up company and operates as a legal entity

Labor Law Audits + Merger and Acquisition Advisors

Conducting audits helps to identify non-compliance of labor and employment laws and to take corrective actions

Vendor Management Under CLRA Act

Manage and organize your vendors or contract employees at large scale under the CLRA Act

Notice Management + One Time Licenses + Liasoning

Tracking and monitoring the legal notices and licenses is made easy with automated platforms at Kalyani&Co

Factory Compliance

Get Licenses - Fresh/Renewals/Amendments done and evaluate the quality and compliance level of the complete system

Advisory Services and Monthly Bulletin HRO Reckoners

Provide guidance on legal business improvements, process recording, business intelligence, knowledge and workforce management

Statutory Compliance

To help your organization avoid and detect violations of act, which protects from heavy fines and lawsuits. The process of regulatory compliance consulting is ongoing to consistently and accurately govern the compliances and risks over a period of time

Statutory Compliance

A comprehensive audit helps the organization to understand and review its adherence to regulatory guidelines

Advisory & Support in Court Cases

To advice and assist the organization to handle all types of legal matters and court cases

Availing Registration New/Amendment under S&CE /Factory ACT

Get new registration and amendments done under the regulatory act with Kalyani&Co in simple and best methods

Remittances & liaison with authorities

Kalyani&Co helps the organization to process and execute the liaison between legislative entity and organization

Due-Diligence Audit under S&CE Act / Factory Act & CLRA

Kalyani&Co as professionals helps in evaluating the strength and thoroughness of the compliance preparation, policies and risk management

Vendor Compliances under CLRA ACT

We help in understanding and streamline the management process of vendor and contract labor under the CLRA Act

Preparation & Certification POSH/Maternity-Policies/ Certified Standing Orders

Policies and certifications helps the organization to maintain health and safety of the employees. Kalyani&Co helps the organization to frame and amend

Legal updates in form of Monthly HRO Reckoner

Kalyani&Co keeps the organization updated on the legal matters, amendments and policies through the monthly HRO reckoners

The Kalyani&Co Advantages

What does Kalyani&Co have that allows us to provide services that are above and beyond those offered by competitors?

High Professional Standard

We have a team of experienced, passionate, and sensitive HR professionals who make it their life's mission to understand client requirements in depth. We understand that each organisation has unique needs

Advanced Software Tools

Our software resources manage online recruitment, sourcing, selection, tracking, database management, employee database, attendance, payroll, campus recruitments, and training across multiple locations.

Custom Solutions

Kalyani&Co provides its staffing and recruitment solutions and services to almost all industries, and for companies of all sizes ranging from small start-ups to multinational corporations.

Our Clients

There are lots of companies that we have worked for and of course we have made them Happy!



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